Connex Extra-Large Softside Case

  • $500.00

The Extra-Large Softside case makes rushing for a flight a whole lot easier. You’ll see this case before you hear it: super-quiet wheels and silent Lisof tires mean you can travel effortlessly over any surface. The expandable packing compartment makes optimal use of space, and the lightweight yet state-of-the-art components will keep your precious things safe. Travel better; travel connected.

  • Lightweight 3-stop dual-trolley handle system of aviation quality for improved comfort and stability which locks into three different positions - to accommodate travelers of all heights
  • Large main packing compartment with zippered expansion for optimal capacity
  • Swiss-Engineered for optimal functionality and durability
  • Large 60mm hinomoto dual caster wheel system is best in class and offers 360 manueverability
  • 11 year limited warranty
  • 22" x 31.1" x 13.4"; 131 liter capacity
  • Style #610972

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