Pack Man - Michael Noymer

As featured in the Boston Globe.

Selling luggage in his Newton Centre Leather World store for over 35 years, owner Michael Noymer, is always in a vacation state of mind. By Tina Sutton Pack Man Michael Noymer shop Leather World

In a recent survey, 87 percent of vacationers said they wanted to travel where they've never been before. Any exotic places you've been hearing about? India seems to be a hot destination, and Vietnam. Or a lot of times they'll go on an excursion, like a safari. For that they take one large piece of rolling luggage that gets left in a central area, then a small bag that has very little weight that goes with them.
Are most of your customers aware of the latest air-travel restrictions on luggage? Very! Many are frequent travelers and are very aware of weight limits, amounts of liquids you can carry, and what locks to use.
So what are they buying to conform to the new rules? Clear bottles and one-quart zippered containers are the most popular items we have. People are also carrying an extra tote bag inside their large suitcase. In case one bag weighs too much, they can unload some of the items into another one at the airport.
What sturdy luggage features should buyers look for? Wheels that are built into the case rather than outside; ergonomic features like a curved bar that puts the weight on the wheels, so you're holding less; and versatility, like expansion, because you tend to have more things coming back.
Have the bold colors and prints on suitcases from status brands like Prada had an influence on design? Black is still the number one color. But we're also seeing red, brown, olive, pink, some silvery Space Age-looking finishes.
With all that black, doesn't everything look alike on baggage carousels? Neon luggage tags ($9.99/set) can make your bag pop. And "big tags," which are 4 to 5 inches around and come in loads of colors, are also good identifiers. Then there are neon handle wraps.
And what are some helpful travel accessories? Pack-It Cubes organize underwear. Pack-It Folders will hold five or six folded shirts and keep them looking nice even in a soft bag.
Do people travel with their pets? We do sell some pet carriers for the little dogs, which get treated better than children. But I think the trend has finally peaked.